Jim Ross Working Full Time In WWE?

Source: www.wwe.com

If you are following the product that WWE is putting out today, you can clearly see that they are the best when it comes to the production, presentation, camera work and everything else. You name it, they are at the top of their game every single time. One thing that has been lacking a bit has been the commentary.

The fact of the matter is that the commentators nowadays are way too scripted. Of course that there are going to be things that the company wants them to say, but you don’t need to script them for every single thing that happens in the ring. You just give them pointers and let them work and trust their knowledge. The bigger the stage is in the WWE, the commentators are more scripted. When Shane McMahon jumped off the steel cage, you can clearly see Cole reading the script. They didn’t even let him express his emotions in that situation.

Source: betweentheropes.com

If some events are not that important to Vince, he is going to let loose, and you can see that when Jim Ross and Nigel were doing the commentary for the UK special. McGuiness was amazing at what he did at Takeover. So is Jim Ross, of course. After that event, JR was asked whether or not he wants to return to commentating full-time and here are his thoughts on the topic.

“At this stage of my career, I am much more interested in the quality of my work rather than the frequency of travel of it which translates to; I am not interested in going back on the road every week as I did for many years. Working on events such as the UK special, the occasional NXT booking, etc are down my alley and are projects that I get to work with new partners and new talents which is always fun.”