Jinder Mahal Eager To Be A Babyface

Source: wrestlingnewssource.com

Since the early days of the WWE, there has always been that heel foreigner that the fans hate just based on the fact that his character is always supposed to bash the United States of America. That concept has been alive since the beginning, and it is present in 2017 as well. Right now, we have the WWE champion that has that kind of a gimmick, and the fans are going to hate him just based on that fact alone.

Jinder Mahal has that heat from the fans, but it also comes from the fact that the smart fans really don’t find him believable as the champion. He has been booked pretty poorly, has no credibility whatsoever and that is why he also has that “go away” heat from many people.

Even with that being said, Jinder still thinks that he could be a babyface one day. Here is what he said about that.

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

“I am interested in seeing what other characters I could play. The evolution of a WWE character is such that things change and I can’t wait to have a babyface character. I can’t wait for the crowd reaction when I come here (India) and definitely the WWE will see some of that reaction. Maybe that starts to plug something in creative and you might see a different side of me.”

There is no way that Jinder as a face could work in the near future. It is too soon for the WWE to even think about that. As long as he is playing a wrestler that is from India, there is no way that the fans are going to get behind him and cheer for this guy.