Jinder Mahal Reveals Who Would He Like To Face As Champion


The era of Jinder Mahal began on Smackdown Live last night with his championship celebration. He continues getting a good amount of heat as a heel foreigner. It is the simplest concept in the world of wrestling and yet it works well every single time. You just want to boo somebody that is bashing your country every single time. It is his goal to get booed, and he is achieving his goals.

Now, he is going to be defending his title in a rematch against Randy Orton at the Money In The Bank pay per view four weeks away from this past Sunday. While the others will be battling for the Money In The Bank briefcase, he is going to be the one to defend his championship for the first time. It is going to be interesting to see if the company is going to give him a long reign with the title or maybe Orton will take it right away from him.


In an interview after he won the title for the first time in his career, Jinder Mahal has been talking about some of the guys that he would like to work with now that he is the WWE Champion. He also discussed which talents would help him get over as a champion with the crowd as he does realize that there are still some people that believe that he is not a credible champion. Mahal did mention some clear-cut stars in the WWE as his preferred rivals. Here is what he stated.

“I see Randy and AJ Styles (as opponents), but I’m hoping for Cena when he gets back (from hiatus). I know some people don’t see me as championship material. I haven’t fully gotten their confidence. Beating someone like Cena would solidify me in their eyes as a champion.”