More job openings witnessed in autonomous tech industry

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Lovers of new technology who do not mind driving self-driving cars might have an opportunity waiting for them in Bay Area.

The statuesque had been that jobs in the automotive industry had been a reserve of those in Detroit, but with the paradigm shift of companies expanding, job opportunities are being created for the West all thanks to such companies as Mercedes-Benz and Ford Motor who are raising the bar in Silicon Valley.

The rise in the demand from companies that are looking for talent in the self-driving technology in the past 6 months has created openings for not less than 350 jobs of which 230 out of the jobs are either located in Palo Alto or Mountain View. Most of the openings were for software engineers with some other in the area of reality capture processor and engineers in vehicle dynamics modeling.

Google topped the list with its autonomous car program that is based in Mountain View that saw it announcing for openings for 52 positions. It was followed by Uber with 9 job listings. Tesla that came in fourth in the autonomous automobile tech had 24 job listings.

Zoox is poised to battle Tesla with a $200 million it raised in capital to fund its project.

It is somehow surprising that Apple is missing it in the Paysa list although it never admitted to embarking on a car program even with reports making the rounds that they laid off not less than 1000 staff.

Bay Area may have taken 2/3 of the job listings, the next line, however, is Chicago closely followed by Cambridge with 27 job listings. The other one is Michigan with 15 job openings.

In the requirements needed as stated in the job listings, computer science skills were most needed by the companies that are into manufacturing of self-driving cars. Special interest is on Python 56%, programming language C++ with 61%. Computer vision came in with 48% and was the non-CS skill that was most desirable. Then computer simulations came in at 47% followed by robotics with 41%.

Paysa list revealed that 69% male and 6% female took up jobs in the self-driving cars industry in the last 6 months. For the ethnicity, the white made up 43%, Asians made up 37% while 22% were undisclosed.

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The pay in the industry is quite attractive reaching almost $300 in a year in total. Note also that there is huge competition with high demand for Ph.D. holders mostly hired followed by a little percentage of masters degree holders and less than2/10 of Bsc holders.