Joel Devidal, Serial Entrepreneur Describes the 6 Habits of Highly Effective Tech CEOs

What makes a great CEO? This is a question that business publications talk about regularly. Every other day, they feature a biographical piece on a brilliant CEO like Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Most of these articles talk about the unique personalities of each individual which make them successful beyond compare. What they don’t talk about is what all of these CEOs have in common.

Irrespective of how different their personalities might be, tech CEOs share many characteristics and ideologies. Here are 6 habits that the most successful leaders in tech have in common, described by serial entrepreneur and CEO of, Joel Devidal:

1. They have a clear plan.

Most tech CEOs start their companies on the back of a great idea, but they don’t have a long-term vision for their business. Successful CEOs set unambiguous goals for themselves and their companies. While the specifics of the plan may change along the way, the broad vision serves as guidance for everyone involved in the business.

2. They’re focused on creating a productive work culture.

The best tech CEOs aren’t afraid to get into the day-to-day operational details of their companies. They take a lot of time to ensure that their employees feel fulfilled and have clear lines of communication throughout the company hierarchy. They invest in the personal and professional development in their workforce.

3. They’re very picky about who they hire.

When you’re looking for team members, it might be tempting to hire the first qualified person that shows up. However, this isn’t the best strategy for the long run. A business is only as strong as the team that powers it. The best CEOs realize that building a team is a slow process which involves bringing together talented people with different personalities who are committed to the overall vision for the company.

If you’re looking for new employees, consider if they will stick around for the long run and help you build your business.

4. They’re not afraid to make tough calls.

Sometimes, a product or an employee just isn’t working for your business. In such a case, you have to let them go, no matter how painful the process might be. Tech CEOs have to ensure that they’re vigilant about non-performing aspects of their business.

5. They are great delegators.

Most CEOs are reluctant to let go of their control over the company’s operations. Good leaders, on the other hand, know that empowering their workforce to make their own decisions is beneficial for the company. If you’ve put together a group of talented people, let them do their work and get out of the way. As long as they’re sticking to the vision you’ve established for the company, you don’t need to interfere.

6. They are genuinely passionate about their product.

The best tech CEOs believe wholeheartedly in the potential of their product. Their unwavering dedication is what inspires other people to join their cause. The CEO is the pulse of the company. If you’re energetic and optimistic, your team will follow suit.

Different people come from different backgrounds and use their unique ideas to create massive tech companies. However, successful CEOs have the things mentioned above in common. They’re leaders who believe in what they’re doing and fearlessly pave the way for others to join their cause.

About Joel Devidal:

Joel Devidal is a bilingual entrepreneur with a knack for turning great ideas into successful businesses. Over the years, he has found investors for new ideas, generated profits, and oversaw the sale of various companies. Joel also uses his years of experience to serve as an advisor on marketing and strategy for other businesses.

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