John Cena Insisted Of Putting Bray Wyatt Over

John Cena has been known as a Superman in the WWE. He was rarely losing matches, and when he did, it was some work finish. This guy rarely lost clean on both television and the pay per view. There were times when he should have lost clean in order to put over some of the younger stars. But, it seems that the times are changing.

There are multiple reports that John Cena insisted on putting over Bray Wyatt at the Elimination Chamber. He wanted Bray to eliminate him and not AJ Styles. The Eater of Worlds was the one that eliminated Cena as the second to last elimination. That left AJ Styles with Bray in the ring, and Wyatt won the title in the end.

But that’s not all that he did. John Cena had his rematch with Bray Wyatt on Tuesday. It also involved AJ Styles, and that also demanded a rematch, so GM Daniel Bryan made a triple threat match for the WWE Championship in the main event of the Smackdown Live.

It was a good show, and everybody expected Randy Orton to come out and play a role in that one so Bray can win with the other superstars not taking the fall again. Well, AJ didn’t take the fall for Wyatt again. That was a smart move. John Cena did and he insisted backstage that he wants to put Bray Wyatt over yet again, for the second time in three weeks. If he hadn’t asked for it, the creative writers would probably have Orton help Wyatt. Now, with this finish, Bray Wyatt looks like a legit star and a fighting champion worthy of the position that he is in right now.