Jonathan Cooper To Start At Left Tackle?

La’el Collins stepped in at the right tackle spot when Doug Free left in free agency, and he won that spot easily. The debate about who should be the one to replace Free at that spot ended right there, but it opened up another one. The left tackle position is still open, and there should be a good battle for this place going into the training camp. There are a few guys that can take this spot, but we are today taking a look at Jonathan Cooper and whether or not he should be the one to start.

After the 2013 NFL Draft Combine, Cooper was considered to be one of the best guard prospects in the draft with some of the analyst projecting him to be a top 10 pick in that draft. The Arizona Cardinals took him in, which proved to be a huge mistake as he never really lived up to the expectations. He got a second chance with the New England Patriots in 2016, but it again didn’t work out, and now he is on the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys are still hoping that he is going to be able to prove why he was drafted in the first round. They have some of the best linemen in the NFL and Cooper could fit in nicely. When playing alongside guys that are as good as Frederick, Smith, and Collins are, he is going to look good and gain some confidence.

Green is also a candidate to win this spot, but right now going into the camp, it seems like the Dallas Cowboys are hoping Cooper will show up and take that spot in Week 1 against the Giants. Who knows, Dallas Cowboys just might be the team for Cooper.