Jony Ive Working With Ahrendts to Revamp Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Stores

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is in the process of redesigning its store, and much of the responsibility of the designs is on Jony Ive, who is an expert in the field. Ive, Apple’s head designer, recently had an interview with the magazine New Yorker, where he revealed about working with retail boss Angela Ahrendts for revamping the Apple stores.

Preparations for Apple Watch

Before the company comes up with Apple watch, it has plans of revamping its stores. It was reported by 9to5Mac earlier this month that for storing the 18K gold devices, the company will have custom-designed safes. For keeping the watches powered up at all time, the safes will come with chargers inside.
Also, Apple Watch will be measured using special weight scales on which the company is working at present. This will help the company check fraudulent practices by the customers, who after buying the watch remove/replace the precious gold and then return the device to the store.

According to the rumors, the device will be priced somewhere between $1,200 and $5,000. The regular models are available at a starting price of $349. The device could be launched sometime in April, but numerous tester models have already been spotted.

Steve Jobs set an aesthetic tradition, and the senior vice-president of design at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Ive plans to continue this tradition. Several of Apple products such as the iMac, the MacBook, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and the forthcoming Apple Watch have been designed by Ive.

Ahrendts, who is popularly known for her stint at Burberry, was hired by Apple for a humungous amount of $73 million for the purpose of redesigning Apple stores.

Apple Watch an ‘art’

Separately, in an interview with BBC, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talked about the upcoming smartwatch from the company tagging the gadget as a piece of art. He told that Apple make products “more fun than anyone else.”

Talking on the popularity and demand of the upcoming Apple gadget, Wozniak said every user Apple product will surely buy the watch, “that means millions of people will buy this watch right from the start and that helps get a critical mass going.”