JR Explains His Thoughts On WWE Live Crowds

WWE crowds are always active during the shows. That is how it is supposed to be as they add that different feel to the event. When the crowd is on fire, the show just feels more important, it seems more interesting, dynamic and exciting. The fans pay a lot of money to be there, to watch their favorite superstars in action, bring the signs that they want to bring and chant what they want.

Jim Ross has been in the world of wrestling for a very long time. He has been present during so many live WWE events and wrestling events in general that he can talk about the crowds during shows as he has a lot of experience. JR used his blog to discuss the live audience and what they did on the Monday Night Raw after Mania.

Source; youtube.com

They booed Roman out of the building while cursing him out in the process and yelled all kinds of foul words at him. Ross explained that he doesn’t want WWE to censor the crowd as they have paid their hard earned cash for the tickets so they should be able to express themselves in the way they want to do it, without any restrictions. But, he also feels that some fans are just going over the top with the chants in order to get noticed.

Some might disagree with JR on that last point, and he said that this is just his opinion. Nobody appreciates the passion of a wrestling fan more than JR, but he also doesn’t want to see that passion confused with the disrespect that some of those fans are showing. He realizes that there are some people that chant something just because they want to be noticed, to be on the camera, looking for the attention.