Jumanji star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he wouldn’t pick Kevin Hart as his 2024 running mate!

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As it was previously reported, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle opens on December 20th, and when it finally arrives in theaters near you, you will get a unique opportunity to see just how magnificent the landscape of Oahu, Hawaii truly is. Thanks to Sony Pictures, several lucky journalists from various media outlets have been given the opportunity to experience this first hand, but besides that, they will also take part in press conferences that are planned for this upcoming spinoff of the original 1995 movie.

The lucky reporters that were there were greeted by Johnson and Black and were taken on an ATV ride through the Kualoa Ranch & Private Nature Reserve. They also attended the “history lesson” on the island given by The Rock himself and afterward they attended their very own private screening of the movie. Although this was all so beautiful, the press members were there to get some insight into the film from the stars themselves. It was, sort of, a special mission for them. This was some task, as it turns out, because, with a comedy crew like Johnson, Black, and Kevin Hart, together in one place, it is pretty hard to keep your game face and professionality on.

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If you have been living under the rock for a past year, then you probably don’t know anything about the movie. Well for those less informed, this is a standalone sequel to the original 1995 installment called Jumanji in which Robin Williams had a lead role. This one tells a story of four teenagers being sent into the video game after they came across a relic of a gaming system in their school. Once they’ve teleported into the new world, they are transformed into the game’s characters (basically opposite of what they look like in real world).

This is pretty interesting especially if you consider that Dwayne, in the beginning of the movie, actually plays a scrawny nerd kid who in the game becomes this beefy tough guy called Dr. Smolder Bravestone who is also an archaeologist and explorer. Jack Black’s character, is a teenage girl named Bethany who, in the game, becomes Professor Shelly Oberon, a cartographer, and cryptographer, who is, and this is so hilarious, basically a chubby middle-aged man. Hart is a tall jock named Fridge who gets transformed into Franklin “Moose” Finbar, ironically, a very short zoologist and weapons specialist.

It is unnecessary to say that the reporters had a blast during this visit, but also during the interviews. They pretty much joked about everything from dinner they had to whom Johnson would pick as his running mate if he decided to throw his hat into the 2024 election.

Thanks to one of the lucky reporters we found out that the movie was actually a pleasant surprise, and we are glad about that. The film is riddled with irony tangled up with comedy. Plus there is a great chemistry between the actors (especially between Johnson and Hart) which raised the movie to the new heights. Let us not forget the stars like Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas and Bobby Cannavale who are also in this one, and who made this whole thing that much interesting. As we already mentioned, the movie opens everywhere on December 20th, and while you wait just a bit longer for it, enjoy these three main dudes rockin’ it on to Guns N’ Roses.