Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Poster Officially Revealed by Dwayne Johnson


We are getting closer to the premiere of the movie called Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Dwayne Johnson has officially revealed a new poster. The second Jumanji trailer appeared online and only after one day, this poster is shown to the fans.

The premiere of this film is set to December 20, and since that is just a few days before Christmas, Dwayne The Rock Johnson started calling himself “Dwanta Clause” who is just spreading some “Christmas joy” with the new poster. There is a surprising character in the image, just behind Kevin Hart, who might not be welcomed there.


The photo appeared on Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter, and we can see his character Smolder Bravestone in the swamp with only his eyes and top of the head visible. Behind him, there are Moose Finbar, played by Kevin Hart, Professor Shelly Oberon portrayed by Jack Black and Karen Gillan’s Ruby Roundhouse. Shelly appears to be the only one who spotted the dangerous friend behind Finbar, and we would love to see the faces of the other characters when they see the crocodile. There is a chance that this is not a scene in the movie, but it would be so much fun if it was.

According to the former WWE start, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is more of a continuation of the Robin Williams’ original film than a reboot. Also, there is a homage to Williams’ Dr. Alan Parrish, but we will find out what the homage is when the film premieres. There is still enough time for another trailer to be released so we will just keep our eyes open.

The main characters are actually kids from high school who discover the 1990s video game console in the basement of the school, which is where they are serving detention. They start playing the game and choose their characters, and they find themselves sucked into the game becoming the avatars. To win and get back to the real world, they must find an item left by Dr. Alan Parris 20 years ago, otherwise, they will be stuck in there forever. The main actors will be joined by Bobby Cannavale, Missi Pyle, Rhys Darby, Maribeth Monroe and Tim Matheson.

We are excited about Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, how about you?