Jumanji’s Premiere Has Been Postponed

Source: screenrant.com

The premier of the movie Jumanji has been postponed and Dwayne Johnson posted the picture with the explanation below on the Instagram.

As The Rock stated the movie is “full of Christmas wish fulfillment, fun, and heart.” This implies that the ones in charge of the movie production postponed the movie probably because they can earn more money in the holiday season. The movie was supposed to hit the theaters on July 28, 2017.

However, Dwayne Johnson, a former WWE star also wrote: “after months of shooting and editing our movie together, we realized we have a big family franchise on our hands.” Or maybe it isn’t about profit. If this is a great family movie, Christmas would be the perfect timing for it.

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There were already some controversies regarding this movie. First of all the whole idea about shooting a sequel was not appealing to every person, considering that the original movie was legendary. Secondly, some people are not quite pleased with an outfit of the attractive Karen Gillan, which they consider inappropriate.

It is also possible that they want to produce this film in a way they can shoot more films in the future. The premier of Jumanji will be on December 22, 2017.