Karen Gillan With Her Stunt Doubles From Jumanji

image source: instagram.com

Jumanji crew is on fire, and the latest image shows Karen Gillan with her stunt doubles. If you ask us what is better than Karen Gillan well, we can say that three Karen Gillan’s is much better, especially on Jumanji set.

As soon as the production of Sony Pictures’ newest project started, we were able to see photos from the set. This isn’t anything strange as we know that Dwayne Johnson is very active on social media, especially on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

He was joined by Kevin Hart that also shared few images and even videos showing what is going on on the set of Jumanji. Following their steps, Karen Gillian brought us the picture of her and her stunt doubles posing in the pretty strange outfit for the jungle. This is something that Dwayne Johnson also mentioned in one of his posts saying that when we hear the story, it will be all far more acceptable.

All reports indicate that Gillan, Hart, Johnson and Black have taken the roles of “avatars” from the game. In the post, we could read that Karen says that her character is Martha making it interesting since we could hear that she will be playing avatar named Ruby Roundhouse.

There could be an explanation for this. Martha might be the name of the girl that will be controlling Gillan in the game. Another option and this would be a very interesting twist, is the fact that Martha Shepherd was the mother of Jumanji players in the first movie.

image source: instagram.com

Another big hit from Sony is coming our way, and with a crew like this, it will be a hilarious movie. Wait for July 28, 2017, to see this film that brings few of the most popular stars right now.