Karma to debut Revero as Tesla Rival


The new Revero luxury hybrid by Karma Automotive could be best defined by the literary meaning of Karma. The Revero is said to be the rebirth of Fisker which was a lovely car, but had some major issues and was taken off market in 2014. They took one of its revered features – gas-electric which was a major rival for Tesla to manufacture a car is a powertrain with advanced technology making it fresh and unique.

The automotive company says it will rebrand the Revero in California, precisely in Moreno Valley with low-volume production at the moment. They also intend to involve get individuals involved in the process of construction so that it can well beat competition.

This is not to mean that it intends to compromise on its expected performance, they said. The car is to rely on electric motors just like as is obtainable with Chevrolet Volt. But in this case, the gas engine will act as a generator while the electric motor will be two located at the rear. This is expected to work well for any electronically-limited highest speed of 125mp with 5.4 seconds time of 0-60 mph when in Sport mode.

The powertrain will allow the Revero to make use of the gas generator and the batteries in charge mode. That’s not all. The Revero also come with a Sustain mode, and what this does is that it makes use of the generator only while saving battery power. This will add up to a limited high speed of 95 mph adding up to 7.2 second 0-60 mph.

There is also the Stealth mode with means that the car runs only by making use of electric. The speed is still the same with that of the Sustain mode. The only difference is the0-60 mph with timing of 6.9 seconds. According to Karma Automotive, the Revero is able to go 50 miles just on battery alone, while it can go up to 300 miles when the reserve from the generator comes into play.

There is an added advantage that the Revero brings to the table. It has a solar panel of 200W, and this top up the powertrain battery including the 12V regular battery. There is, however, no knowledge of its total contribution at the moment.


The interior is made up of leather seats, a 12.3-inch 1920 x 700 cluster digital infotainment. It also has main touchscreen of 10.2-inch 1920 x 1200 and this will get Android Auto and CarPlay into OTA by next update coming up next year.

It also features a standard subwoofer and has a 275W audio system that is accompanied by eight speakers. It also has a Wifi connectivity and 4G with a dual zone climate control. There is also a forward collision including a lane-departure, “pedestrian awareness”, and parking monitoring.

In just 24 minutes, 80 percent of the battery can be charged as long as there is access to a Quick charge outlet of 480V DC/DC and a 40KW. If not, you will have 10 hours for a domestic 110V, three hours while on 240V, or 16 amp outlet and 32 amp outlet.

Although there is no conclusion for the EPA tests yet, however, the automotive company hopes to get 20 MPG or 54 MPGe while it on generator.

The prices starts from $130, 000 as orders are already being made for this low-volume phoenix.