Kenny Omega Talks About Rollins Stealing His Finisher

The one thing that was always shaky about the character of Seth Rollins was his finishing move. He had a great finisher earlier in his WWE career when he was using The Curb Stomp. It was his signature move, and one of the most realistic finishing moves in the whole company. But, it was labeled way too dangerous as it can really hurt the opponent if it’s not executed the right way.

Vince McMahon pulled the plug on the move and decided that The Architect should get a new finishing strike. He was involved with The Authority ever since he won Money In The Bank contract, so that is why the company decided that his finisher is going to be The Pedigree, a move that Triple H made famous. Rollins was the student of The Game, so that is why this move was just right for him.

But, last year he turned face and started feuding with his master. That feud ended at Wrestlemania 33 when The Architect slayed The King Of Kings in a great battle. Since then, Rollins has dropped the Pedigree and has started using this running knee kind of move that Kenny Omega also uses in the New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion. Here is what Omega said about Seth taking his finisher.


“If he was inspired by my match to add that to his arsenal, it’s a great compliment,” said Omega. “A finishing move is an important part of one’s character – and sometimes success. So for him, being a top guy in WWE, it’s cool that he chose something that I’d used earlier in the year during my match with Okada.”

Even though Omega seems that he doesn’t mind that Seth took his finisher, he is not happy about the fact that somebody is taking away a part of his character and something that makes him different in the world of wrestling.