Kevin Hart Brutally Trolled By Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Again, Kevin Hart was brutally trolled by his great friend, Dwayne The Rock Johnson. This Dwayne’s Instagram post is just sequel of their online fight. Johnson succeeds to express love for his daughter Jasmine mercilessly trolling his friend Kevin in just one Instagram post. In this post that contains a picture of him working out while his daughter sits in front of him, Dwayne wrote:

“My lil’ Jasmine Lia just looooves coming to hang out with me in the #IronParadise while I clang and bang and crank out loud tunes.

“It warms my cold black heart as she just sits on the ground and looks up in complete loving awe and says ‘Wow daddy you’re so strong’ while I hammer away.

“Ironically, my baby son @kevinhart4real does the exact same thing too when he comes to watch me workout.”

At the end of the caption, The Rock also wrote #TeachingAllMyBabyGirls. So, everyone who followed this comic story earlier between Johnson and Hart, who recently starred together in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie, know that this Dwayne’s post is just one new trolling in the row.

One of the latest posts, when Johnson and his partner Lauren Hashian got their baby Tiana Gia during this summer, is a great example. Dwayne took a photo of him while holding the baby and photoshopped Hart’s face onto a baby’s body writing on Instagram:

“Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul. Even thought you were delivered directly out of the bu**hole.”

And of course, Kevin soon replied. He did the same thing as Dwayne, putting Johnson’s head onto a baby’s body on the picture of him and his daughter writing:

“Long talk with this little big jackass last night about new business and how hard we work and setting new goals four ourselves and also making 2018 possibly our biggest year yet.

“He got so excited because we started talking about “Jumanji 2” and doing another movie together that I had to pop him in the mouth and tell him to shut the f*ck up!

“The bottom line is that kids will be kids…I’m taking him to Disneyland today to apologize.

“Also my post is funnier because you can tell that I just smacked the sh*t out of him in this photo. He’s also the first baby born in the world with gray hair.”

Isn’t it a great thing to have a friend that you can publicly embarrass. We can not wait to see what Kevin prepared for revenge. This trolling will never end, and for sure, Hart is preparing vengeance.