Kevin Hart Challenged Usain Bolt To A 100-Meter Race

Usain Bolt, who earned himself the title of World’s fastest man, retired as a runner, but for one great occasion he will leave his sprinting shoes and tie up a pair of soccer boots. So, he can still run on a soccer field, but can he win a 100-meter race? Many wonder, Kevin Hart included, whether he lost his running mojo. Hollywood comedian was even ready to put him to the test.

We all know about Bolt’s love for soccer. This is no secret. During his recent visit to South Africa, he even took some of his time to train with 2016 CAF League Champions, Mamelodi Sundowns.

Also look at Kevin’s cars!

Jamaican sprinter took these training’s seriously, because they were his preparations for something more significant, and posted this on his official Twitter account: “I’ve signed for a football team! Find out which one this Tuesday at 8 am GMT.”

A few days later Bolt revealed that he’s going to participate in Soccer Aid match on 10th of June. He will captain a team of celebrities in a game with charity character. Talking about the event, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist said: “It’s my dream to make it as a professional footballer. To play against some of football’s biggest legends is going to be remarkable.”

So, despite being out of running business, Bolt is still in top form ready to participate in different sports events. This didn’t stop Kevin Hart from challenging Usain Bolt to a 100-meter sprint on the beach. The Hollywood superstar is used to challenging different people to different things but going against sprint legend in a 100-meter race isn’t considered smart or something that could go in Hart’s favor, regardless of the fact that Bolt is currently retired from the sport.

But, as we said, Kevin won’t shy away from a challenge. Bellow, you have a video of the race between the two. What do you think who won?!