Kevin Hart Responds to Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Talk


Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are close friends, and they like to make fun of each other. Usually, Kevin Hart makes fun of his size and not having muscles like Dwayne Johnson is a reason to get a good laugh. Hart posted a video on Instagram in which we can see him wearing a chain around his neck, just like The Rock in his clip during an intense workout.

In the original video, the Moana star is doing dips, whereas the comedian is just wearing the chain, and you will see no dips from him. Now, the reason why Hart made fun of Johnson is that in the video, the former WWE star said: “Putting in work. Big dogs eat, little crying puppies stay on the porch.” What bothered Hart is that he believed that he is a “little crying puppy” so he wanted to get his revenge.


Hart’s video with the caption “Who he calling LITTLE PUPPY????” can be seen below. The stand-up comedian started talking silly about how little dogs are more cunning than the big dogs and it just more confusing as he went on. The funniest part of Hart’s clip is people behind the camera who are telling him to stop and how he is not Dwayne Johnson. After that, Hart says that the chain is “hurting his neck.”

If you want to watch this fantastic duo, you can do that in the 2016 action/comedy movie called Central Intelligence. Moreover, they are going to show off their incredible off-screen chemistry and friendship in the new film Jumanji 2 which will be released in December. What do you think of Hart’s hilarious parody?

Who he calling LITTLE PUPPY???? This message is for @therock

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