Kevin Owens And Chris Jericho Will Meet Each Other At Wrestlemania 33 For The US Title

Monday Night Raw was pretty good this week, and it has been one of the more enjoyable editions of Raw since the brand split. Chris Jericho was the man that opened the show, and the crowd really got behind him. It seems that this guy is going to be the babyface in the feud between him and Kevin Owens as he was the one that was cheered and WWE planned it to be that way.

Kevin Owens gave his explanation of why he attacked Chris just a couple of weeks ago. He made it look like he cared more about getting his revenge on Chris Jericho for being a distraction before his match with Goldberg at Fastlane began. Even though sometimes the superstar can look like a fool for putting something like this in front of his rematch for the Universal title, this was not the case here as it shows just how much Owens wants to get his hand on Jericho.

That is not all that he wants to do. He is planning to do to Chris what he did to him, and that is to take the title Jericho has right now off of him. Jericho, as the guy that wants his revenge as well, didn’t take a lot of time to think about his answer and he agreed to the US title match between the two at the grandest stage of them all.

This is the second confirmed match for Wrestlemania 33 for Monday Night Raw brand, with the first being Goldberg against Brock Lesnar. There is no doubt that these two will have a great feud that will end with an amazing performance on the biggest stage in wrestling.