Kevin Owens Commits The Ultimate Sin In Las Vegas With Attack On Vince

It seems that the biggest storyline on Smackdown Live is the one where Kevin Owens is involved with McMahons. First, it was Shane McMahon that he had a problem with as he was the guest referee in a match with AJ Styles where Owens felt that McMahon wasn’t calling the action right down the middle. That is something that he had a big problem with, and he faced Shane McMahon and got up all in his face.

In the process of doing that, Kevin Owens was quick to insult not only Shane but his family as well. That caused McMahon to retaliate and then get suspended because he attacked a member of the roster as a commissioner. Well, that forced CEO Vince McMahon to come out to the ring and face Kevin Owens. He booked a Hell in a Cell match between Shane and Kevin, which is something that Owens agreed to under one condition.

He wants Vince to promise him that he won’t get fired if he beats McMahon senseless. Well, he then repeated those words, while also adding that if he is provoked, he can beat McMahon senseless. Vince did agree to it, but he didn’t think that Owens was actually thinking about him as the McMahon that he wants to beat up.

It was a great segment and a great moment for Kevin Owens. The way the show ended and the way the creative writers left this segment, it is going to cause people to talk about it all week long. The fans’ eyes are wide open right now, and it is going to be interesting to see how they progress with Kevin Owens and this storyline going forward. The fact that The Prize Fighter is in this kind of a role, it speaks volumes about just how much trust Vince McMahon in real life actually has in KO.