South Korea: KIM is getting ready to fire another missile

Seoul – The South Korean news agency Yonhap has released the news that their neighbor North Korea is getting ready for another missile launch. The projectile in question is rumored to be another intercontinental ballistic missile. According to the same agency, Seoul is more than ready for any scenario.

In the continuation of the news from Yonhap, they provide the info from sources close to the South Korean intelligence agency which states that Kim Jong-Un is planning to fire the missile into Pacific. Also, it is predicted that there will be an unplanned addressing to the public in Pyongyang, and this was the main news on most of the world’s media.

On the south side of the peninsula, Seoul is preparing its defenses. They are planning to set up remaining four launchers from the US anti-ballistic missile defense system THAAD. This will be their primary response to the upcoming threat from North Korea. The named system is in the middle of South Korea/China dispute. The Chinese officials weren’t satisfied that Seoul decided to use the US provided equipment.

In continuation of the preparation for a new launch, the South Korean army practiced the attack on the nuclear base of their northern neighbors.

Just for the reminder, North Korea had its sixth nuclear test yesterday, and it was the strongest so far. Their announcement stated that they tested hydrogen bomb intended for an intercontinental ballistic missile. The world didn’t react kindly to it, as it was expected that they wouldn’t.

According to Yonhap, it is estimated that the strength of nuclear explosion was 50 kilotons. South Korean Ministry of defense stated that it was five times stronger than the one tested in September last year.

In response to the constant provocations, and missile launches in recent times, USA, Japan, and South Korea are among the members of the UN Security Council that scheduled an emergency meeting which will be held today.