Kim is trying to sell her virginity online in order to buy herself a car?!

You probably are thinking “Wait, what?! Did I read that correctly?” Well yes, unfortunately. The world is definitely going to hell, but hey! Why not enjoy the ride while we can. Apparently, the feeling of lusting for a new car is unbearable, especially when you don’t have the money to buy it. There are numerous ways to get the money, like finding a job and working your way to one, but apparently, for this girl Kim, who is from Austria, working is a bit challenging. She decided to sell her virginity so she can buy a car, among other things, of course.

As we managed to find from the Daily Mail and The Drive reports, this girls name is Kim, and she’s the latest young lady to list her virginity for sale to the highest bidder through a “dating” service called Cinderella Escorts. “After I read about other virgins who sold their virginity on Cinderella Escorts I asked myself one question. Should I give my virginity to a man who later on maybe will break up with me, or is it better to take a lot of money instead?” Kim wrote this as a statement on the company’s website.

Worry not, Kim has a justification for all this. Apparently, another girl named Alexandra made a similar arrangement with Cinderella Escorts company, and that secured her a bid from a businessman from Hong Kong who decided to pay €2.3 million for the right to take her virginity. As it turns out, this company offers to manage the bidding process, collect payment on the girl’s behalf, and arranges a doctor to confirm that the woman’s virginity is indeed intact as advertised. I know, crazy right?!

Thanks to that, Kim decided to do the same thing. She said “That’s why I decided to put an auction on Cinderella Escorts,” and after the bidding is over, she also, in addition to buying a car, hopes to pay for an apartment and university tuition. Well, it seems that summer jobs like selling burgers and waiting tables are out of the question from now on. Parents you need to do a better job of raising your kids, starting immediately! As we also found out the bidding starts at €100,000. This day is truly a sad one!

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Miloš Kalajdžić
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