10 Kitchen Gadgets for Vegan Lovers


Many people have adopted veganism out of health concerns. But still, there are many people who are becoming vegan in order to be more responsible for the environment and to other living creatures. Veganism is not just a healthier lifestyle it’s quite an exciting avenue for evolving your cooking style.

Let’s share some of our latest finds of vegan kitchen gadgets that will unleash the vegan master chef in you!

1. Knives Set


A knives-set is the coolest thing a plant-based foodie can own. If you’ve been doing all the cutting with just a knife, you must have had a hard time getting around the hard-skinned butternut squashes and melons. You can just get yourself a good quality knives-set and save the time and effort for a HIIT workout instead.

The specialty knives are a great asset for prepping vegetables and fruits for meals and salads. There are knives designed for tough cutting as well as herb trimming, slicing and dicing. You can even find knives with holes in the blade, that makes them lighter and much easier to handle. You can read more about gourmet and classic knives-sets at BBQGuys.

2. Instant Pot


The instant pot has all the makings of a vegan’s instant favorite. It works for all kinds of cooking you’d wish upon your favorite veggies. Use it for slow cooking, pressure cooking, making vegan cakes, steaming veggies, cooking rice and warming your meals.

You can set the cooking settings for the type of food you’re making. There are built in presets to make your life easier. The product is sold in three sizes, to fit your kitchen counter and even your travel pack. No doubt there’s such a huge following for the Instant Pot. It’s quick, easy and efficient. It’s simply brilliant!

3. Chopper and Slicer


Don’t just stop at the knives-set yet. You also need an equally competent chopper-cum-slicer to give the final touch of perfection to your salads. The chopper and slicer combos in the market can slice, dice and grate most of the vegetables giving you super fine and even cuts every time. You can read more about gourmet and classic knives-sets.

4. Handy Tofu Press


Tofu has remained the hot topic for discussion in the vegan circles for years. For vegans, tofu has been among the top choices for protein. But let’s not ignore the constant battle for getting the taste of tofu right. A poorly prepped tofu can be a dampener for your dish. You get what we mean here, right? The damp spongy texture of tofu can really be a put-off.

If you follow vegan chefs, you must have seen a lot of new recipes calling for pressed tofu. Pressed tofu carries a drier texture and has the ability to absorb flavors and seasonings better. Although you can get pressed tofu, by actually pressing it between paper towels, you can also choose to spare yourself the trouble. Get a Tofu Press for quickly getting rid of the moisture from wet tofu.

5. Avocado Tool


Vegan’s love their Avocados. They like them sliced, diced and spread. They like them in their salads and on the toast. But putting avocados is never fun. And imagine the life-risks you bear every time the knife slips out of your hand in the process of preparing the avocado.

Fortunately, the game changer for avocado dreamers is here!

The multi-purpose avocado slicer works four ways to give you the best from your avocado. The single-tool is cleverly designed to fit multiple functions in its compact and sleek design. You can cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, make slices and scoop the pulp out. Give it a try, it’s pretty affordable too!

6. Juicer


Juicing is becoming increasingly popular across all fitness groups. Vegans are also catching up with the hot trending recipes for juices and smoothies. You can find some great juicing and smoothie recipes at https://www.juicingnation.com/.

Having a compact juicer in your kitchen will give you a good reason to get yourself some powerful antioxidants and nutrients. You’ll find these modern juicers to be invariably convenient as they don’t clog or leave foams.

7. High-speed Blender


Vegan cooking (especially, hard-core vegan baking) involves a lot of grinding and blending of nuts and seeds. If you’re also a home-made junkie, you’ve probably extracted a lot of almond milk, coconut milk and nut-butters in your food processor by now. Your food processor was probably not built to tackle these hard ingredients. You’d have to admit there’s sort of a lingering fear when the nuts go churning.

You can give the processor some relief, and get a high-speed high-power blender for grinding the nuts for your favorite recipes now. Trust us the blender is tough as a nut!

8. Sous Vide


Cooking vegetables on open flame carries an obvious risk. It’s the risk of overcooking. Overcooked vegetables appear dull, taste awful and have lost most of the nutrition already. So in order to preserve the flavor and nutrients in your veggies, you need to cook them at the optimum temperature. You can either monitor the cooking or you can get away with a modern gadget called the Sous Vide.

The Sous Vide gives the exact cooking temperature reading so the vegetables will be cooked right. You can just set the temperature and timer and let the equipment manage the rest.

9. Spiralizer


Vegan eating can lead you to a whole new world of healthy cooking. You don’t have to stick to whole-wheat pastas and rice noodles. You can make your own plant-based spaghetti and noodles for a good dose of complex carbs and fiber.

A cheap hack would be to use a peeler to make ribbon pastas from veggies. But frankly, it’s kind of tedious and you’ll have to compromise on the variety of your pasta shape too. A handy alternative would be the spiralizer. The spiralizer can quickly and effortlessly turn zucchinis and carrots into different pasta shapes. You can also obtain different textures and thickness for your recipes.

10. Storage Containers


We would all love to have organic produce straight from our own kitchen gardens, but most of our fast-paced lives don’t allow such luxuries. We have to get by with storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator for the week at least. It’s good to have some good quality storage containers that not only retain the freshness but also keep our refrigerator organized. You should seriously consider investing in high quality, BPA free containers that can keep the vegetables and fruits ventilated and fresh in the refrigerator.