Are Knee-High Boots Still In Style 2024?


In the 15th century, knee-high boots were for men and they were used for riding horses. A couple of centuries later, this boot gained great fashion importance among women.

In the Victorian era, these boots experienced a big boom, and we can safely say that their popularity has not waned since the 19th century. Admittedly, this type of clothing was sexualized in the earlier period because it was part of the standard outfit of women engaged in prostitution.

Later appearing on the small screen, these mostly leather boots gained popularity and demand. Big fashion brands like Jimmy Choo to Louis Vuitton started producing their own models of these shoes and presented them on the catwalks.

However, are these boots still as popular in 2024? Are they still in fashion or are they considered a piece that is out? The answer is yes – they’re still in style!

Actually, the real question is will it ever go out of style? The answer is no. Never.

If you’re not sure which boots to choose and how to style them, here are some of our favorites that might help.

Popular Types Of Knee High Boots

Before learning how to style this type of shoe, it is important to make a good choice. In order not to make a mistake, we have made a list of popular types of knee-high boots for you.

1. Classic Knee-High Boot


Ariana Grande would surely approve of our first choice, but we believe you will too! This type of boot is timeless, and that’s why every woman should have it in her closet when fall rolls around.

With this piece, you will look both chic and casual depending on your mood. It can be combined with skirts, dresses, trousers… Virtually any item of clothing combined with these shoes will be a dream team. They can be with a heel or with a flat bottom, depending on what you prefer.

Even if you choose comfort over high heels, you’ll still look great!

2. Equestrian Knee-High Boots

This shoe is actually the forerunner of every knee-high shoe. It was created as equipment for riding horses, but it soon reached a high place in fashion. In addition to the comfort that this shoe offers, it really looks like a perfect piece of footwear for colder weather. The members of the royal family love them, so how can you resist them?

3. Stiletto Knee-High Boots


The most seductive boots of this type. We don’t even know if it’s because of the leather or because it goes really well with the leg. But we know that this boot will charm anyone who sees you in it. It will further emphasize your sexiness and femininity. She is a favorite on the runways and among models. And we believe that you will also feel like a real model in them!

4. Chunky Flat Boots

They gained their popularity in the last couple of years. They have an edgy vibe that is more and more present in fashion, so they are not a bad choice if you are thinking about buying them. They are not classic like the others, but they add a new dimension to your look. And who wouldn’t want to look trendy?

How Do You Find Them?

Nowadays, shopping has become the easiest thing possible. Everything is available online, which makes a lot of things easier for you, so even if you want and have time to go to the nearest shopping center, I believe you will find this type of shoes. Because they are both trendy and chic, they are found in every boutique and every brand produces them.

But if you don’t have time or you simply don’t like crowds in shopping centers, and you are in doubt about which site really guarantees the quality of shoes, we can recommend dream pairs knee high boots that will satisfy all your needs, and you can find them at the following link:

How To Style Them?

When it comes to these shoes, you will have no problem styling them. They go with almost all combinations, emphasize your figure and height, and in addition to all that, they look phenomenal.

And here are a few items of clothing that you will need with these boots:

A long skirt


Even if it is a skirt made of denim, you will win eyes wherever you appear. Whether you’re going on a date or a business meeting, you can always get her a pair of knee-high boots.


Believe it or not, these boots look good on leggings too. Black leggings and a baggy sweater will look great whenever you hate to tidy up.



Whatever, whether they are wide or narrow, they are not a failure in combination with this shoe.

Should You Wear Them If You’re Short?

You should not be afraid of your height. If you know how to wear them in the right way, you have nothing to be afraid of.

To achieve a good look, always choose the same colors. For example, if you wear black jeans, your boots should be black, so they will visually lengthen your figure by a couple of inches. But if you buy cape robbin shoes it will elevate your style game to a new heights!

If you choose to wear a dress or skirt visually, always leave space between the boots and the dress. Let your legs show a little, that way you will look great in them.

How to maintain them?


Because of their length, you have to take care of the maintenance of these boots so that you don’t have to buy a new pair every two months. We advise you to put some cardboard when you put them in your shoebox so that they keep their shape and don’t break.

How to prevent them from falling down?

If you decide on boots that don’t go all the way up your leg, then you must always have thin socks or ankle warmers with you. That way they will stand on your leg.


We hope that we have helped you at least a little with choosing your next knee-high boots. Remember that this piece of clothing must be your must-have as well as a good coat or a good pair of jeans. In order to always look great, it is important that you have basic things in your wardrobe.