Know the Secret of Oro Recovery from Its Professionals

Oro recovery center is known to provide a one-stop solution to problems related to alcohol and drugs; they have a team of experts who help patients in crisis intervention. Moreover, they provide in-house treatment of patients in a time slot of 30, 60, and 90 days respectively. Along with this, they conduct alumni programs where the people who have recovered come and share their experiences to motivate the people who are fighting against their addiction. People who come for treatments but do not get admitted are also encouraged under the category of out-patients. Most importantly Oro recovery gives extra care to improve their aftercare services to ensure that people get settled in their normal lives.

Special Features of Oro Recovery

  • Oro Recovery Focuses On Building Life Skills

While most recovery centers adopt measures to control an individual to keep them away from addiction, Oro recovery center emphasizes on building a one on one connection with the individuals. It enables individuals to build skills that help them recover faster than usual.

  • Provides A Discreet Environment

Many well-known celebrities land up getting into the trap of addiction and, do not want to disclose their condition in the public. Oro recovery center respects their privacy and provide them with a discreet environment. There is a team of highly qualified and trained professionals who understand the sensitivity of the situation and keep their patient’s history under wraps.

They ensure no information concerning their health is made public without the permission of the client. Moreover, the problem areas are identified by these professionals that lead them to addiction and they are kept away from the people who disturb them emotionally during the course of treatment till the time they are medically able to face the people. It is ensured that they have mental peace and anything that disrupts this peace is kept away from them.

  • They Provide a Special Young Adult Program For Children

Oro Recovery center is best known for offering a customized young adult program specially designed to help children overcome addiction. In recent times young adolescents are victims of substance abuse because of increased stress and anxiety. There are a lot of reasons that lead a child towards addiction. But the most prevalent reasons are disruptions in the families, heartbreaks, consistent lower grades leading to a feeling of worthlessness and also homesickness and not being able to fit in. Assignment pressures are also affecting the mental health of children. Analyzing the current situation of young adults and looking at their pressures Oro Recovery center has a separate branch that dedicatedly deals with children who have fallen prey to this addiction. There are experts who council children using modern technologies and develop methods that will help them overcome addiction.

Methods of Treatment

As stated earlier Oro’s recovery follows an unconventional way that is very different from the 12 step rehab treatment. It involves the following sections- alcohol and drug detoxification, crisis intervention, Inpatient treatment where the patient is asked to stay for a period of 30 days it can be extended up to 60 and 90 days, outpatient treatment, alumni programs followed by aftercare services.

  • Alcohol and drug detoxification– Here the patient who is addicted to alcohol and drugs is sent for detoxification. Detoxification is a process where the patient is kept in an environment where he doesn’t get access to alcohol and drugs and is made to follow a normal routine till the time the alcohol content in the blood or drugs decrease. The immune system flushes the toxins out of the body. Also, the process of detoxification helps patients get out of the habit of consuming drugs and alcohol.
  • Crisis intervention- There are a lot of patients who develop a suicidal tendency because of anxiety and depression. Crisis intervention is a process of counseling where the patient is made to talk about his initial feelings and is also made to listen to professional counselors so that they can see sense and get out of that situation. In this process, the momentary madness of the patient is blocked and he or she is made to see the light of the day.
  • Inpatient treatment- In some cases, students are admitted to the rehabilitation centers so that they can be constantly monitored and necessary steps can be taken in case of emergency. In this scenario, the residential stay of patients is broken into a period of 30, 60, and 90 days i.e., they are made to stay in the rehab for a month, 2 months at a stretch, or 3 months at a stretch. Depending on the condition of the patient the duration of stay is decided. Also, it is analyzed whether or not the stay of the patient needs to be extended.
  • Outpatient treatment- There are patients who are not that serious or are brought to rehab for regular checkups. In this case, the patients are not admitted for a residential stay they are checked by outdoor doctors and councilors. This entire process of treatment is called Outpatient Treatment.
  • Alumni Programs Followed by After Care Services- There is a lot to do after the patients gets recovered so that they don’t bounce back. Here alumni programs play a vital role to ensure the after-care services are being provided to the patient. Patients who have recovered completely motivate other patients who are on the verge of recovery through alumni programs and annual meet-ups. Motivation plays a big role in the recovery process.


Therefore, we can say that Oro Recovery Center is special and very unlikely to other rehabs because they believe in connecting with their patients through their methods to motivate them to get out of the substance abuse and not control them. They help individuals develop skills that will help them recover faster and also keep the information of their patients discrete so that their mental peace is not hampered.

Most importantly they have a separate program designed just for children to help them get over substance abuse. This program is called the young adult program. These features have made Oro Recovery center the ultimate rehabilitation center both for adults and adolescents.