Here Is Why Kristaps Porzingis is Knicks’ Best Player

In order for this Knicks franchise to move forward in the right direction, Kristaps Porzingis is the man that should take over as team’s best player. But, not just because Carmelo Anthony is having a bad year or is taking a fall, it needed to happen because Porzingis improved.

He is on a tear as of late, and the New York Knicks need to recognize that. Porzingis is the one that needs to get the ball and be the main man on this team. Carmelo Anthony is still a good player, but it’s in his best interest that Porzingis develops in one of the NBA’s best and help out the team in their future games.

Anthony is going to support him by giving up some of his shots, moving the ball and being a decoy for other defenses. Porzingis is way too talented, and the New York Knicks need to give him the ball and do everything that they need to do to put this man in a position to succeed.

New York Knicks are playing good basketball as of late, and they are winning some tough matches. That is how you make the Playoffs. Both Melo and Porzingis are playing well, and they’ll need to keep with this level of performance if this squad wants to reach the postseason.

Porzingis is now probably the better player, but other teams do not need to know that. Carmelo Anthony can be the decoy, and Porzingis can do the damage while Melo is helping him. That is the best way for the Knicks to win games now and in the future.