Kurt Angle Returning To WWE TV Soon?

Source; www.si.com

WWE is a cool thing to be a fan of since you can always hope that some stars from the past are going to come back for one more run. It’s not like other sports where if a player goes in retirement, he is done and almost 100% you will never see him in action again. In the world of wrestling, stars are always coming back and they get rewarded with a huge reaction from the crowd.

A lot of big names have come back from their retirement for one more run, but there are still some that haven’t done that. Those are the wrestlers that the fans are dying to see at least one more time. The longer they have to wait, the more they want to see them back in action.

One of those stars that the fans want to see Wrestle is Kurt Angle. He is more than capable of performing in the ring as he is wrestling out of the WWE, but the company fears that his health is something that they don’t want to take a risk on. He will be leading this 2017 Hall Of Fame class, but there is also a rumor going that Kurt Angle will be making TV appearances after Wrestlemania 33.

Source; wrestlingnews.co

There is a talk about him replacing Mick Foley as the GM of Monday Night Raw. Foley won’t be at the top position for much longer as he will have to go under the knife to get his hip replacement surgery.

During his recent interview with Booker T, Angle said he is “near the end” of his career, and he wasn’t expecting to go into the Hall Of Fame for another ten years. Triple H told him that after the HOF introduction and ceremony, they will be talking about him possibly wrestling again. Angle does want to compete with some of the young guns that the company has as he mentioned Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Kevin Owens as guys that he would like to work with.