Kurt Warner Picks Prescott Over Wentz


Early in the 2016 NFL season, there was a lot of talk about who is a better rookie, Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz. Both players played in the same division, had a great start to the year and were two exciting and you quarterbacks to watch. There is still a lot of debate about who is a better pro and who is going to have a better sophomore year. Both have shown a lot of promise and can easily become the franchise QBs for their teams.

Dak Prescott’s season did only go better as the weeks went by while Philadelphia Eagles really struggled to put on a couple of good performances in a row. In the end, many people looked Prescott as the better quarterback as the Cowboys were a much better team at the end of the regular season. But, when you take a closer look at it, Philly didn’t give Wentz a whole lot to work with while Dak Prescott had his offensive line, Ezekiel Elliot and a lot of wideouts combined with Jason Witten to throw the ball to.

The conversation about who is better is still well and alive, but former NFL QB and a Hall of Famer Kurt Warner already made his choice.


“I’m gonna go with Dak. The reason I say that is, you know I got a chance to get to know Dak a little bit. And his demeanor is unique that, you know, he came into all this so quickly and kind of fell into it and had great success, and it doesn’t ever seem to be too big for him. He seems to be able to welcome the opportunity and to have confidence in it that what he did last year was not just luck or wasn’t just something that he fell into and it wasn’t just the benefit of the great pieces that he had around him, that I think he’s only going to get better.”