Lady Gaga : Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017


Super Bowl is one of the Worlds most viewed events breaking rating records every year. In addition to football performance, one of the main events is the Halftime Show. Last year half-time show was marked by controversial Beyonce performance dedicated to Black Panthers. This year star that took the main stage at halftime was Lady Gaga. She is outspoken LGBT and Women’s rights activist so many people expected her to raise the voice against reigning President Donald Trump.

This thankfully didn’t happen at least not publicly. Lady Gaga performed professionally and on the highest level but didn’t miss the chance to poke at the current situation in the USA in a subtle manner. While singing God Bles America, she turned the attention to the need for unity of never more divided United States.

In the end, she brought immense joy to her fans by announcing her upcoming World Tour.