Lady On The Bus

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Ok ok, we know that she is not on the bus but we also know that she is not a lady 🙂 This is just another example of how many hilarious things you can see in public transportation, I know that I would be laughing.

This might not be a situation where you can say that this girl is crazy or just simply rude for doing that on the train. What if she is working two jobs and heading home to see her kids and this way she is trying to save some time doing this while on her way to home.

It’s not always that simple, we need to look from a different angle.

But you can’t deny that this is funny 🙂 And check out those two guys looking at what she is doing, that is priceless… 🙂

Bet you that they would take her out to a dinner 😉

Give us your thoughts about this and other situations you witnessed.