Lana Testing Out Her New Gimmick During NXT Live Events

The Ravishing Russian Lana has been a big part of the success of The Bulgarian Brute Rusev when he came onto the scene a couple of years ago. She was a great manager for him even so much so that nobody could imagine Rusev walking down the ramp without Lana by his side.

That did eventually happen as a part of the Rusev and Lana breaking up the storyline, but that has fallen flat as Dolph Ziggler’s quarrel with Rusev looked more like a drama reality than a wrestling storyline. The news about the engagement of Lana and Rusev had broken out during the feud, and WWE decided to drop all of this all together.

Rusev did nothing with the League of Nations. Eventually, he has found a new life with his second run with the US title. Lana was right by his side, and everything was going well until the company decided to feed him to Roman Reigns and give The Big Dog the belt for no good reason.

Since then, Rusev has looked kind of lost. He got injured two months ago, so he is now forced to miss some time because of the shoulder surgery that he had a couple of weeks ago. At this moment, he is on Smackdown Live with Lana, looking to make a comeback. When he does, Ravishing Russian will likely have a new gimmick. The company wants to turn her into a wrestler, and right now she is doing NXT live events and wrestling against other talents. It seems that her new gimmick is going to be dancing, but nobody knows when she will debut on WWE TV.