2018 Land Rover Defender Rendering – Iconic Looks In The Mix With Modern Lines


Legendary Defender was in production for 68 years and in its long run total of more than two million units were sold all over the world. The last vehicle in this lineup was produced in January, but the good news is that the replacement is coming in 2018.

Iconic looks will be preserved again, and we will be getting the boxy shape just like before, but it is expected for it to offer far more modern lines and curvier body. First renderings are out and just as we expected those are closely related to DC100 Sport Concept. While the actual car design might be significantly different, we think that this is a good starting point.

Well known Land Rover grille will be presented while the round headlights will offer LED tech. Muscular and pronounced fenders and side panels house large off-road tires and just by looking at these you can conclude that it will be one quite capable off-road vehicle. Furthermore, at the side, there are doors and windows that closely reminds us of previous versions and testify about the ruggedness of this model.

We are still far away from any official confirmations about engine lineup but what we expect to see includes at least few diesel units. Ingenium diesel powerplants that have been recently upgraded by Jaguar Land Rover in combination with automatic transmission should be the best choice here. We have also heard information’s about Transcend gearbox, and we do hope that this one will be included here.


Early reports brought details about different vehicles that will be introduced under Defender moniker. It seems that there will be a total of five different options and every buyer will be able to choose from two two-door models, two-door pickup, four-door pickup, and four-door long-wheelbase. Also, Land Rover is likely to offer a more luxurious model to the market.

It is still not clear if the new 2018 Land Rover Defender will come during 2018 or it could surface as 2017 version. Everything suggests that we will see it offered as 2018 model so we will have to be patient for a little bit longer and see. While we are waiting for this vehicle to come, new LR4 or Discovery as it is called in Europe will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.