What We Learned From Cavaliers Beating The Warriors On Christmas Day


We witnessed a Playoff type atmosphere in the Quicken Loans Arena as the Cavaliers hosted the Golden State Warriors on a Christmas day. This rivalry is getting bigger with each game that these two powerhouses play. The Cleveland Cavaliers came back from 14 down to beat the Warriors at home in a thriller.

We didn’t learn yesterday just how good Kyrie Irving is. We have known that for a while now, but he reminded us just how vital he is to this Cavaliers squad. Irving is deadly on the offensive side of the ball, and certainly is the key for the Cavs when they match up against the Warriors. If they want to be one of the contenders for the Championship Ring and to take it again, Kyrie needs to play like he played yesterday and in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Kevin Love is going to be a big factor this year for the Cavs, especially if the Finals rematch happens. Love came to play last night against the Warriors. He wasn’t all that noticeable in the 2016 Finals, but he will need to step up this season. The addition of Kevin Durant is a big one for Golden State. That means that Kevin Love needs to play like a star in order for Cleveland to have a shot at beating the Warriors.


Even though Golden State was shaky last night in the final period of the duel, they seem like the better team. If these two meet in the Finals again, Warriors should and will be favored to win that series. That doesn’t mean that Cavs don’t have a shot, but if they win it again, it would be an upset.