LEGO Star Wars, Hatchimals and Hot Wheels – best-sold toys in 2016

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The list of the most popular toys for following Christmas has been published, and many of those are already bought up, including Hatchimals, the very popular ones.

The list has 12 best-sold toys in 2016 on it, and as we all know, Christmas is just around the corner, only 45 days left, so should you need a gift for anyone, here’s your chance of getting a nice one.

According to the DreamToys event held every year, this season is anticipated to be having the greatest toys on sale. Namely, there are well-known traditional types that everyone loves, as well as state of the art ones, which happen to be on the top of the list this year.

Some of the hottest toys this year are the Hatchimals, which appear to be must-have this Christmas, so shops all around the UK have run out of them.

The toy is made of 2 parts – a light-colored flecked egg and a cute fluffy chick. A child is supposed to take good care of it, love it and spoil it.

Children basically bring chicken up through three stages. The last step is ‘kid’, preceded by ‘toddler’ and ‘baby’.

Another toy predicted to be largely sold this year are Star Wars and Friends sets by LEGO, who is back in the game being in the top twelve.

In addition, SelfieMac, Hot Wheels, and Nerf blaster must be mentioned, since these toys are on the list, as well.

The complete list of the Top 12 toys in 2016 is following: (in random order)
Speak Out Hasbro • £19.99
Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Mattel • £89.99
Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen Flair Leisure Products • £24.99
Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump Mattel • £99.99
Snuggles My Dream Puppy Character Options • £49.99
Hatchimals Spin Master Toys • £59.99
Silly Sausage John Adams • £19.99
Paw Patrol Air Patroller Spin Master Toys • £39.99
Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Hasbro • £49.99
SelfieMic Worlds Apart • £19.99
Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster Lego • £89.99
Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter Lego • £69.99

According to Chair of the DreamToys selection committee, Gary Grant, there is quite a variety of toys on the list this year. Not only does it include well-known names, but there are the new ones which caught on fast. He says it is an approval from people all over the country and a guarantee these toys will be on their Christmas wish lists.

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He adds that bearing in mind the hard times we live in, this is a list of toys that many people can afford to buy.

What is important in the DreamToys selection this year is that they bind the family together and seem to be of real value for the whole family, not only children but all of them as a close-knit community.