Leonardo DiCaprio going to Mars?!


My God can it be? Can anybody else see the Headlines? “Mars’s “Titanic” is complete again,” “Mars mission shared the same fate as Titanic” and so on…. OK, let’s get serious now because this is something that has to be taken like that.

The current President of the USA Barack Obama made a summit on Monday in D.C. at the South by South Lawn where he hosted Dr. Katharine Hayhoe to talk about the climate changes that are affecting the entire planet. On that summit, a special guest was announced, and you probably guessed right, yes it was Mr. DiCaprio himself. An interesting new way of dealing with the ongoing presidential campaign, but that is fine, everything is allowed in war and love.


Dr. Hayhoe during the discussion about the climate changes made an interesting remark stating “As long as we haven’t signed up for the trip to Mars. I don’t want to know if anyone has”. Leo made a “joke” regarding her words replying “I did!” What did Leo actually meant by this is little quizzical for all of us, but since his statement coincides with the latest Elon Musk and SpaceX plans to colonize the Mars we only hope that he was joking. The reason for that is simple. The voyage, well at least the first few of them, as stated by Mr. Musk will be life-threatening, and that only the bold ones, that understand the risks and sign a waiver may go up. The details of this are covered in one of our articles – “Elon Musk to build a city on Mars in “our lifetime”!”. What is another info found in that post is that the price of a single ticket to Mars in beginnings of the colonization will be around $200,000 and after it will go down to $100,000 as expected by SpaceX founder and CEO Mr. Musk.

So if Leonardo DiCaprio really wasn’t joking and booked himself a place aboard the SpaceX’s mission to Mars, then all of you DiCaprio fans will have a one-and-only shot to book a place beside him on a one way to death trip for a small fee of $200,000.