4 Items to Level Up Your Virtual Experience

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While we’re slowly transitioning into a new normal after the pandemic, there are a few changes that will definitely be sticking around for the foreseeable future, and working from home is one of them. It seems unthinkable that there was actually a time where our work was limited to a certain place or geographical location, but the pandemic has taught us the many benefits of this new work setup’s flexibility.

Apart from mitigating the spread of the virus among individuals, we’ve learned that the work from home setup also brings a greater convenience that we’ve never been able to explore before. Gone are the days when every morning started with a long and hectic commute as the integration of the work from home setup finally gives individuals the chance to reclaim their work-life balance.

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And for companies, accepting the work from home setup as a viable option lets employers have access to a wider demographic of job applicants and candidates that they would otherwise have never been able to tap. Now that we’ve seen that productivity can happen beyond the workplace, job applicants and employers can now connect beyond geographical limitations.

Whether you’re a student hustling through your classes or an employee going through the daily grind of a normal workday, the work from home setup is here to stay. However, a new problem arises from this, mainly that students and employees are having a hard time separating their work life from everything else.

This is bound to happen when work is no longer constricted to a specific place as it’s inevitable that your work collides with other aspects of your life. And while the work from home setup can help you achieve a greater work life balance, it can also do the exact opposite and further impede on it—but there is an easy solution for this.

Many students and workers have emphasized the importance of setting certain boundaries that separate work from life, and it’s actually an incredibly popular tip that has helped many people! One of the many parts of this includes creating a regular routine and a daily schedule that specifies the hours of the day that you’ll spend working. This allows you to recover the sense of structure that you might have lost when the pandemic struck.

Another great way to achieve these boundaries is by setting a dedicated workplace in your home, which can be super easy because all you really need is a desk and your computer. It’s really up to you where you decide to settle down—whether in the privacy of your bedroom or even the dining table in your kitchen—but it’s also important to make sure that your workplace is conducive to productivity and work.

Here are some work from home essentials that will definitely help you level up your virtual workspace!

Wireless Mouse

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It might seem completely useless and counterproductive to spend money on a wireless mouse when every laptop comes equipped with a built-in trackpad, but a lot of people actually find the trackpad difficult and inconvenient to use. This is especially true with the work from home setup when you know you’ll be using your laptop for almost the entire day.

A wireless mouse is a really good investment for those of you who find yourself struggling with your trackpad. A wireless mouse not only has more flexibility and range in terms of movement and navigation, but it can also be much more comfortable to use in the long term compared to a trackpad. It’s also much more intuitive as many of us are more familiar with using a mouse.

The wireless aspect of the mouse also adds to its convenience. It allows you to easily set it up without having to untangle yourself from any wires, while also moving it around confidently knowing that there aren’t any wires or cords that could interfere with the mouse’s performance. It also just makes it easier to throw into your bag without having to worry about properly wrapping it up.

And while wireless mouses do need batteries to operate, you don’t really need to constantly worry about running out of power as most wireless mouses can be lost for several months with the incredibly little electrical consumption it requires.

Wireless Earphones

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Everyone needs earphones when working from home. From online classes and company meetings to viewing any video material on your laptop, earphones are great for helping you engage with a wider range of media formats without disrupting those around you—but why not get wireless earphones instead?

A lot of things are going wireless today, and it’s all because of the convenience it affords users. How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a Zoom meeting before you realized that you needed to get something farther than your arm could reach? Anyone with wired earphones would have to risk missing out on some important information, but wireless earphones users can easily traverse across the distance without missing a thing.

Wireless earphones are also a great investment for multitaskers who love to get a lot of things done during a meeting as it allows them to go anywhere while still listening to the speaker. It’s also much less of a hassle to no longer have to be mindful about any wires that could snap or get too tangled. With wireless earphones, all you really need to do is chuck the case into your bag and plug them in whenever you want!

Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

The work from home setup naturally means more online meetings that need to be attended, but the last thing that you want is for your webcam to switch on when you’re not ready. To save yourself from the humiliation of being caught by surprise, you should buy some webcam covers to help protect your privacy and give you that peace of mind you deserve.

And while your webcam turning on unexpectedly is definitely embarrassing, it’s not the worst thing that could happen. Many of us are aware of the privacy risks that come with immersing ourselves online, and a great source of paranoia is the fear that your laptop is actually spying on you.

There’s a worry that your webcam is secretly being operated and switched on without your knowledge, which is why many people are taking the extra measure of buying these webcam covers in the first place—they allow you to choose when you want to be seen.

Desk Lamp

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You might be wondering why you need a desk lamp at all when your laptop already produces its own light, but that’s exactly why you need a desk lamp. While most work today happens on laptops and cellphones rather than pen and paper, a desk lamp should still have a spot in any workplace because it might help relieve some pressure and fatigue from your eyes.

When you work from home, you’re actually spending more time in front of your computer, which can really strain your eyes and make it even harder to keep working on that last-minute submission. Many desk lamps today actually come with a warm light setting to help take away any stress that may have been caused by the bright light of your computer screen.

Apart from a more comfortable color of light, most desk lamps also allow you to control the brightness of the lamp so that you can set it to your own preferences and needs. The light of a desk lamp can also help balance out your eyes, especially if you find yourself working in a dimly lit or dark room often—which is really bad for your eyes.

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