The Likeliest Trade Destination For Tony Romo

When you have a guy like Tony Romo on your squad, you are usually set at quarterback, and you don’t have to make any moves in order to solve the problems at that position. But, when a guy like Romo who is making a ton of money while sitting on the bench is hurting your cap space, you need to think about the move.

The reason why Dallas will likely want to trade him is the same reason why other teams might be reluctant to make a move. So, because of that, you need a specific kind of squad to pull the trigger and acquire Tony Romo. Dallas Cowboys need a franchise that is desperate for a quarterback. If the Browns don’t draft one, they are one of those desperate teams. But, they are still far away from contention, so they might not be just desperate enough to make that move.

But, the Houston Texans are. Their defense is pretty good as they can put the pressure on almost any opposing quarterback. Back four is also pretty decent, and they have been the reason why this squad has won the AFC South this season. But, the offense was the problem. Osweiler couldn’t get anything going on the offensive side of the ball this year.

They need an experienced guy that knows how to lead the offense. There might not be a better quarterback on the market so Tony Romo to Houston Texans might be the best option for all sides. We’ll see what happens this offseason.