Limitless Season 2 Release Date, News & Updates

While its numerous fans might be wondering when the next season of Limitless will be released, executive producer Craig Sweeney already has some ideas regarding a storyline for Brian. Nonetheless, it is on CBS to confirm the release of the sequel. If we judge by the showrunner, he expressed his interest in seeing what a renewal would bring to this series.

The first season ended in April last year, but CBS still hasn’t given any official statement on the renewal of the show. Namely, the showrunners don’t seem as if they had given up the show’s renewal, according to Blasting News. There are speculations that they offered Limitless Season 2 to other networks, such as Fox and Amazon. There are also some reports which say that Bradley Cooper tried to sell the show to NBC, Showtime, and Netflix, but it seems that he hasn’t received any response from them yet.

What is important is that if this second season happens, Sweeney will know what to do since he already has plans on what to show to fans when it comes to Brian’s storyline. Moreover, the series writer pointed out that the second season will tell the complete story of the first one, but only with a few changes.

The storyline of Season 2 will still revolve around Brian. He is to continue to take NZT and work with Rebecca and Boyle and several new members of the team. However, Sweeney revealed that Brian has done his time at the FBI since he proved not to be special.


At the same time, Sweeney stated that in the sequel we will have an opportunity to see Brian continue solving crimes every week. It does seem like a rather interesting story, even more so now when the FBI is aware of his non-immunity. Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait for CBS officially to confirm the renewal of this show and the release date of Limitless Season 2 so keep your fingers crossed for it to happen.