What’s The Difference Between Live Casinos and Online Casinos?


Live casinos can be both online or real-life, and the main characteristic is that the bets are placed, as you can suppose, during a live event. Before the pandemic, live bets were related to a physical casino, where you can get to the bar, take some food, take a break, and get back to the game. Also, even though today you can join a live bet through your computer or a mobile device, and stream the game, the difference between the live and online casino is that the first one is with real people and dealers, and in the second case, you are playing against a random number generator.

What is a live casino?


No matter if you are present at some venue, or you joined the stream online, knowing that you are playing against real opponents is more exciting than the machine version. According to so many gambling places, including Winny, the payouts are usually higher, because you can count on other players’ mistakes, which increases your chances. Live websites don’t even start the game until the table is full of real users. Also, there is a limited number of players that can place real bets on time, but not every gambler considers it as a bad side. There is an option for a chat too, just like you run a conversation at the table. It’s a good alternative to the regular casino since we should maintain a proper social distance, in order to protect ourselves from coronavirus spreading.

What is an online casino?


This is not a recent invention, but it gained a lot of popularity during the last year. It’s just usual mobile gambling, but instead of using virtual money, you deposit real amounts and hope that the RNG-machine will do its magic, and you will win a jackpot. You can play it while you sit in your comfortable chair at home, or laying in your bed. The developers are making the games even better every day, because the interest in them is huge, and many new gamblers are joining these communities. The players love both options since they can be played from everywhere, but in order to keep the streak, they usually need to choose one option that works the best for them.

The human element

As you suppose, in online casinos the only humans who are taking an important part are the developers, who need to upgrade the product and improve the RNG performance all the time. After that, you are the next human who will use the interface, without being aware of what’s behind it. Your wins or losses depend on that random number generator, and you can’t blame the human factor in this case. But, in live casinos, you play against the real people and dealers, and also, you have more freedom to choose a game, bluff (even though it’s not allowed, but people are still doing it), or follow how the other players behave, so you can decide what to do next. Maybe you can’t be smarter than an AI-run machine, but surely you have more chances with the real players around you.

How to withdraw your money?


Instant payouts are not possible when you gamble on the Internet. Every gambling platform will provide a list of rules and policies, which also include the payout options. Live games are better for those who are more experienced in this field, and if you are a beginner, we recommend you to start with the single-player mode games on RNG-software-based casinos. The money withdrawal depends on your chosen payment method. You can get a voucher you will later exchange in the physical place the provider is located, or you can get the money on your account, by providing the needed information about that.

While we are here, it’s important to mention that by choosing a reliable casino, you can be sure the transaction will be completed immediately, with the lowest fees possible. All of the verified and certified online and live casinos are using the encrypted channel for money transfer, so both sides can be safe and secure. Sometimes, those amounts of money are really big, and safety should be their priority. That’s the main reason why you need to research a little before you join some gambling place.

In the past, people thought it would be very difficult to get their money after online gambling since there was no bank person around them. But, it’s pretty easy, because now they can use payment methods similar to PayPal to receive their money.

So, can we say that live casino is just a portion of online casinos?


In general, we can conclude this, and it’s a fact – today, live casinos are mostly available online, because of the already known situation with the pandemic. Social gatherings are not allowed, and even though they were a part of the real venues in the past, nowadays you can mostly join a live gambling session through a proper app and stream it, just like you are there. One of the main disadvantages is that it will consume a lot of your device battery, or electrical power, in order to work better. Also, it requires a stable Internet connection, because even the smallest disconnection may cause a huge change, like folding when you don’t intend to or calling the amount the previous player bet on.

There is a clear distinction between these activities, but they are more close than it seems at the beginning. It’s on you to decide which one you prefer and which works better for you.

As you already know, gambling is still a taboo among the people, and there is a reason for that – many gamblers get addicted to this activity, and they don’t consider it as entertainment anymore. It becomes their obsession, and they can’t stop until they lose all their money. That’s why you must be aware of those risks and play with a huge responsibility. That’s the only way to prevent unpleasant situations and great money loss because of “bad luck” or “bad days”.