Log Horizon Characters


A science-fiction and novel-based anime series written by a Japanese author Mamare Touno has grown to become a worldwide popular sensation. This online role-playing game follows Shiroe, and the other players as they find themselves swept into the game world called Elder Tale which soon becomes their reality.

The character interaction and world building are on a whole different level which makes this game unique and favourite to many, along with its amusing setting. There are eleven guilds of the player city Akiba. Here are some of them:

Log Horizon


Shiroe’s real name is Kei Shirogane and he is Log Horizon’s guild master and protagonist. A 23-year old engineering graduate was formerly a strategist of Debauchery Tea Party. His primary class is ”Enchanter” and the secondary one “Scribe”. Under his main skills lies Contract Art Ceremony which means that he is able to make contracts that can modify the laws of the world.



Naotsugu is Shiroe’s friend whose real name is Naotsugu Hasegawa. His main class is “Guardian” and the secondary one is “Border Patrol”. His strength is a powerful defense and he can also use heavy armor and weapons.


Atsaki is an assassin who changes her gender so as to avoid inconveniences. She is also in a relationship with Naotsugu. Her Overskill is Shadow Lurk.


He was a member of Debauchery Tea Party where he was a former Chief. His subclass would be chief.



Another one trapped inside this game. Tohya is Minori’s twin brother, and together they were associates of Shiroe. In real life he was hit by a car, which lead to him being paralyzed. He is happy for being able to use his legs in the game again.


She was a part of the Shibuya Raid Team. Her main class is “Kannagi”. The first of her secondary class was “Tailor” but later it was changed to “Apprentice”.


Isuzu is a former member of Hamelin as well as the Crescent Moon Alliance.


Rundelhaus Code

Also known as Rudy, Rundelhaus is a Sorcerer.


A part of Light Indigo also trapped in the Elder Tale. She is not a female in real life but it seems that she has accepted this new game body.

Crescent Moon Alliance

Marielle is an Alliance’ guild master and level-90 Shōryū is in love with her. Henrietta is a Human Bard-Accountant. A 16-year-old Serara is a part of Alliance but she quite often visits the Alliance due to crush she feels for Nyanta. Apart from them we also have Eizel, Hien, Liliana, Ashlynn, Asuka and Giroff.


Here we have Crusty who is the guild leader as well as Misa Takayama and Riese.

Black Sword Knights

Issac and Rezric would be the main protagonists of Sword Knights.



Ein is a guild master of Honesty and there is also Sigel.

West Wind Brigade

Brigade encompasses Soujirou Seta who is the guild master. Then we have: Nazuna, Isami, Kyōko, Kawara, Dolce, Chika and Fragrant Olive.

Silver Sword

Taking the side of the Round Table, Silver Sword offers its help whenever needed. Guild master is William Massachusetts and among the others are Voinen, Federico, Dincron and Azalea.