Log Horizon: Season 3 Premiere Date

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“Log Horizon” is an anime TV adaptation of the eponymous Japanese novel series written by Mamare Touno and published in 2011. The first book was then followed by nine more volumes, the last of which saw the light of day in September 2015. Having first received four manga adaptations, the novel was eventually adapted into the anime series in 2013. The manga adaptations were written by the same author, and they were all well received. The positive reviews the novel itself received encouraged NHK Educational TV to broadcast the anime adaptation.

Log Horizon Season 3 05/23/2017 Update:

We are still waiting to see if the Log Horizon Season 3 will happen but according to few reports, it is highly likely that we will see the continuation of this story. Creator of the series, Mamare, told in an interview that he already knows how many volumes he will need to properly close this anime.

At this moment, everything points out to the fact that currently there isn’t enough of original content for another season. We are sure that creator is working hard on delivering more chapters, but it is a good question if we will see the new season this year or we might need to wait for 2018.

As we already mentioned, two seasons had pretty positive reviews from both audience and critics, and we saw an increase in viewership from first to the second season. Since this is one of the most successful animes, there are no reasons for the sequel not to be delivered.

Another reason for the delay, as it has been speculated, is the fact that Mamare is facing some legal problems due to the tax evasion scandal. It was also rumored that because of this we will not get any more novels, but we need to remind you that creator made a two-year pause between 5th and 6th volume. If this trend continues, we could see the continuation in 2017.

Both seasons that were aired consisted of 25 episodes, and the first one was on TV all the way back in October 2013. The sequel came in October 2014, and while everyone was expecting to see more in 2015 and 2016, we ended up empty handed. Hopefully, writer Mamare Touno will bring more content to the table and the main illustrator, Kazuhiro Hara, will continue its work.

The first season of the series turned out to be a major success (more than one million viewers watched it). Season 2 was released only a year after, in 2014, and this time the number of viewers was even higher (1.5 million). It was not long before foreign TV networks showed interest in “Log Horizon,” so it was dubbed into English and made available for Anime Network and Crunchyroll.

Even though it can be said that “Log Horizon” bears some similarities to “No game No Life” and “Sword Art Online,” there is still something unique about it, and that is the way of dealing with the unreal world.

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In case you are not quite familiar with the storyline of Log Horizon, we have prepared a summary for you.

“Log Horizon” Overview

The story of Log Horizon revolves around a boy named Shiroe, who is a passionate gamer and a loyal fan of MMORPG game “Elder Tale,” but he is socially awkward. During the release of “Elder Tale” twelfth expansion pack, some kind of misfortune gets Shiroe (together with 30 thousand other players who are logged in at the moment) transported to the Elder Tale virtual world. Shiroe realizes he needs to team up with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki to cope with the challenges they encounter in the new surroundings. While he is just a shy boy in the real world, Shiroe becomes a fierce fighter and a killer in the virtual world, and now his name is Villain in Glasses.

“Log Horizon” Season 3 Release Date

Following the release pattern of the first two anime seasons, the third one should have been delivered in 2015. However, two years after the Season 2 release, the premiere dates of the upcoming episodes are still not announced. The good news is that NHK Educational TV gave the green light to its production. We promise to keep you updated.