Lone Apple Inc. Store in Iowa to Get Massive $3 Million Makeover

Apple New York Store

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to make a big investment in its lone Iowa retail outlet. The investment is supposed to do a long awaited makeover of the retail outlet. The shop has been in service for 12 years and this is the first time that Apple has decided to do a makeover at the shop.

The long-awaited deserved makeover is bound to make significant changes to the only shop in Iowa. From reports, Apple plans to introduce the next generation of Apple Stores, with plans to triple the floor space and usher in the new design language stores that Apple has been creating in some of its flagship international locations.

The company plans to start a five month renovation that will triple Apple’s Jordan Creek Town Center Store’s size. The store located is located in West Des Moines in a small modest mall in Iowa.

Reports from a local publisher revealed the plans of the makeover. The construction costs which are estimated at $3 million, will make a final estimated floor of near 7,160 square feet. The building permits were revealed to the publisher Des Moines Register. Apple also is planning to take the extending two neighboring storefronts which were previously owned by Brook-stone and Clark’s shoes, to make space for their planned renovations.

Though the real plan and blueprint to the renovation is yet to be fully given out, it does seem as if Apple plans to bring the ‘new generation’ of its Apple international locations. The ‘new generation’ Apple aesthetic plans, were originally thought of by Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts and the Chief Development Officer Jony Ive. The new stores feature the Genius Bar, and they come up with the usual wooden product showroom tables seen in most stores. The idea of the store interiors follows an open design philosophy and also features design cabinetry which is neatly arranged.

Apple recently revealed one of the new generation stores in Tennessee. The Memphis based store features a large 37 foot long television display. The display is rumored to cost around $1.5 million. Plans as to whether the Des Moines store will also get a display of the same size and value are so far unclear.

The upcoming Iowa expansion is seen as a long overdue deserved improvement ever since the leading mobile device manufacturer decided to open a shop there in 2004. In the meantime as Apple plans to renovate the place, they are going to take temporary residence away from the Des Moines mall starting April 13th. The report concluded by mentioning the number of months that the renovation process was expected to take, which is five months.