5 Ways to Look Classy and Rich on a Tight Budget


Different people like different styles. Someone who likes heavy metal fashion will certainly not choose the same pieces of clothing as someone from the hip hop world or a gentleman from London. But most men want to look classy and rich, especially in their mature years starting in their late twenties. Then we start choosing timeless clothes because we want to look like Don Draper from “Mad Men”. Such a fashion is never outdated. You can wear it even 50 years from now and you will still look nice.

However, one question arises, and that is how to look rich on a tight budget. It is quite easy to look classy when you are rich. But even if you are not rich, it does not mean that you should give up and go with some other, less expensive style. Today, it’s easier than ever to find every piece of clothing you want in every price range. You must have seen many times on Instagram comparisons of outfits that look practically the same and one costs 100 dollars while the other outfit is worth thousands of dollars. In this article, we will tell you what you should focus on and give you hacks on how to look rich and classy on a tight budget. It is simple, you’ll see.

1. Don’t forget about basics


We often overlook the basics in all spheres of life, including this one. We spend our hard-earned money on extravagant and flamboyant clothes, and when we need to buy basics, we spend very little money and rarely renew that part of the wardrobe. In fact, it should be the other way around.

Invest in the basics first because you’ll look fantastic that way. And what exactly are the basics? These are things that you can wear every day, both as part of casual and elegant combinations. Start with a few pairs of jeans and white dress shirts. Add a few sweaters of different colors, as well as polo shirts for summer. Polo shirts are elegant almost as dress shirts but way more comfortable for everyday use. One or two two-piece suits will make your outfit complete and you will have everything a man must have to look classy. Once you’ve bought all of these, you can start adding other, more specific items to your clothing collection.

2. Accessories


Famous rapper 50 cent once said that he buys an expensive watch because he can’t park a Ferrari in a restaurant. It is not complicated to conclude the point behind his statement. Accessories are what make us look rich. No matter how expensive the clothes are, they can never attract attention the way a watch or a ring can.

If you can buy a Rolex or Patek Philippe watch, great. But most people cannot afford it. Do not despair, there is a solution. If you don’t believe us, visit boderry.com and you’ll see how watches that cost less than $200 like the Boderry diving watch can look so classy and elegant. And not just that. Such watches can be high quality and waterproof. Rolex sells its name and reputation, and the watches, although premium, cannot be 100 times better than other watches, but they can be 100 times more expensive. That’s why a watch should be the first thing you spend money on, and then buy rings and chains afterwards, if you don’t have enough money to buy everything right away.

3. Footwear


Footwear is essential both for men’s fashion and for health. If the shoes are very uncomfortable, no matter how good they look, you won’t be able to wear them. That’s why when you buy footwear, don’t forget their basic purpose, which is to make walking comfortable.

Footwear is also something that most people will notice on you first, along with your watch. Therefore, to look rich, you must have quality shoes. You’ll probably have to spend a little more money on it than you’d like, but it’s a good investment. High quality footwear can last for years. Crossover models are especially useful, because you can wear them both with a polo shirt and jeans, but also when wearing a suit. Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and similar brands specialize in making this kind of casual, yet elegant footwear.

4. Get the right size

You probably don’t have enough money to wear bespoke, but you can definitely find clothes that will look like they are bespoke. If you can afford made-to-measure, the effect will be almost the same as when you wear bespoke. Even if made-to-measure is too expensive for you, today most manufacturers offer so many sizes that if you make an effort, you will find the perfect fit for you. Since all rich people wear perfectly tailored clothes, you also need to wear something that fits you perfectly in order to look rich. It’s always noticed if your piece of clothing is bigger or smaller, and if you want it to look rich, avoid oversize, that’s teenage fashion.

5. No logo


Have you ever seen the logo on Kate Middleton’s clothes? Of course not, because the nobility and all rich people who belong to the high class do not wear logos because they are not billboards for the company to advertise on them. Even if they wear a logo, then they have a sponsorship contract with the company.

That’s great for you. Wondering how? Since rich people don’t wear logos, then you shouldn’t wear logos either, and that gives you the opportunity to wear very cheap clothes that look nice. Mostly mid-class companies insist on a large logo, while affordable and expensive companies do not.


You see, it’s not complicated or expensive. You can look like David Beckham after spending only a few hundred dollars. It is much better to have several different pieces of clothing than to buy only one expensive item that you will then wear all the time. Even if it’s Prada or Gucci, people will notice that you’re only wearing one shirt or sweater, so you can’t look classy that way. Forget about logos and trademarks. Go for affordable quality and you can look whatever you want. As long as you follow these tips, you don’t have to worry about your fashion status. People are even going to ask you for advice since you can offer them better suggestion compared to some high fashion magazine.