Los Angeles Clippers Are Legit Threat In The West


In the midst of Warriors trying to figure out who they are as a basketball team, there is a serious squad out in the West ready to make some noise this season. That team is the Los Angeles Clippers. Doc Rivers’ company is at the top of the Western Conference right now. Clearly, it’s not that big of a deal since the season have just started, and we saw only six games so far.

But, that doesn’t mean that Clippers aren’t for real. They have the deepest team in recent years. That right there is a game-changer for this squad. Austin Rivers has improved, Raymond Felton is doing his job phenomenally so far, Speights is what LA was looking for all these years, while we all know what Jamal Crawford is capable of.

They are playing fast-paced basketball right now. Clippers just finished waxing the Spurs in San Antonio with Blake Griffin scoring 27 points just in the first half.

Chris Paul is still a premiere player in the NBA, especially on defense. He leads the league in steals, and it shows how much he wants it this season.


At the end of the day, Warriors will be tough to beat this year once they figure it out and get on a roll. Still, we shouldn’t sleep on the Clippers. They look formidable, so it’s going to be fun to see who is going to come out on top when they meet. It will happen in the regular season, and it just might occur in the postseason as well.