Why do we love Minions so much?


Minions, little yellow Twinkie-looking beings with tiny legs and arms that speak a language only they can understand. People seem to love them since they became one of the most popular phenomena in the recent years. Of course, these guys also have haters just like they have fans and some claim that they are just a passing trend but let’s look into why these Tic-Tac shaped fellows are so beloved. Why do we like these guys that help an evil genius who created them? Their existence is devoted to aiding someone who is sly, cruel and smart. Even though Gru seems like a cold person, they stick with him. Let’s try to list few reasons why they are so popular.

Please everyone, anger no one policy

Even though it is unrealistic for any film character to behave in such way, but minions really like to please and serve. They’d take making someone’s life a bit easier over doing something to make them unhappy any day of the week. They don’t have an evil bone because their main reason for existing is to help others. On top of that, they are playful and like to have a good time. Gru’s three girls love them, and it just goes to show how pure minions are.


Lack of agenda

Minions have no evil plan of their own. They have no plan at all, and that’s what we meant by ‘agenda.’ They rely on their leader, their boss will provide them with guidance, and he/she will tell them what to do. And they will be perfectly happy to do it. It’s not like they don’t do anything on their own, but there is no plot masterminded by them. That won’t happen. They may not be as cunning as they should be all the time (remember the caveman and the grizzly bear scene) but their assistance is always appreciated.

Easy to make money off

You personally have bought Minion Tic Tacs at least once, and that is one of the many products on which they are featured. It doesn’t matter whether you see Amazon boxes that resemble them or eat a Tic Tac from the special Minion Tic Tacs edition, they will go with everything, and that’s why they are the hottest thing in Hollywood right now. People have tried almost every possible marketing trick with Minions, and they prove day in and day out that they are most popular sidekicks to ever appear on the big screen. Thanks to their fame they were sky rocketed into internet stardom, and they became internationally renowned. We believe that it isn’t possible to find 10 humans who don’t know anything about these yellow helpers. If we could, we’d put our money on it.

Appearing as Gru’s apprentices in Despicable Me, Minions have steadily outgrown him throughout years. We believe that at least half of the Despicable Me fandom have gone to see Despicable Me 2 and 3 just because of little guys. Few have been paying attention to Gru and rest of the cast. As things stand right now, Minions are the hot story behind Despicable Me, and they will most likely outlive every other character from the movie series including Gru himself. At least that is when it comes to future film projects of the franchise.