Lucid Air – EV capable of incredible speed!

Lucid is a company that is determined to beat Tesla at the EV competition. With their new Air sedan, I say they are real close if not already won especially with the fact that it can deliver from 400 to 1.000 HP depending on the model. As of now, Lucid is currently at the phase where they are putting the Air model through its paces before it reaches consumers, and as far as we know the tests are going well.

If you followed the company and their efforts, then you know that during a test in April Lucid Air prototype reached 217 MPH on the high-speed oval. This time the company decided to remove the electronic speed limiter and unleash the beast, and let me tell you, the Air sedan is a beast because it managed to hit 235 MPH in its most recent run at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio.

But do not think that this test was all about max speed capabilities. No! During this run, the company managed to validate some of the improvements made after the first test like the air suspension, which underwent a software update to improve responsiveness when loaded heavily which this time allowed the car to perform even better. Then there is the update made to the coolant flow and ventilation for the front motor which worked like a peach keeping thermal levels of the powertrain in check. This test vehicle was named Air Alpha Prototype, and it was very well prepared for the track with safety features like additional aerodynamic aids, a roll cage, and a parachute to slow the car if needed.

In a statement from the automaker we found out that “While it may be the top speed achievable on that day, with those conditions, and at this stage of development for the Alpha Speed Car, it is not the final production top speed for the Lucid Air.” We also found out that the reservations for this vehicle have begun already and the starting price is $60,000. According to the company first 255 cars built will be Launch Edition models and they will come with 1.000 HP, a 315-mile range, and a $100,000-plus price tag. Check out the latest test video right below and enjoy!

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Miloš Kalajdžić
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