Lucifer Season 3 Gets Extra 4 Episodes from Season 2

The final 4 episodes of the current Season 2 of the comic book-based series Lucifer will be stored for the next season. This was decided due to the schedule, but it will not affect the size of the third installment of Lucifer that is on the way. According to reports, the sequel will include 22 new episodes. The four banked episodes will be added on that.

Release Date

This was already signaled after Fox released the summer schedule with announcements of premiere dates, where they presented So You Think You Can Dance episode of two hours airing on Mondays from June 12. Lucifer will be back with the new episodes on May 1 and will air five of the remaining nine episodes. The season finale is planned to go on May 29.

Gotham is supposed to return on April 24, a week earlier. Its Season 3 made of 22 episodes goes through to June 12. Since So You Think You Can Dance returns that night, and Lucifer leaves on May 29, the network has one extra hour on June 5, so they can broadcast the two-hour season finale of Gotham. We are waiting for Fox to state the official schedule for the last episodes of both Gotham and Lucifer.

Joe Henderson, the executive producer, mentioned on Twitter that the end of the drama series will be in Episode 18. He explained that this season was designed to have 18 episodes because that was the original plan. But then they decided to surprise the fans with additional 4 to that number. They managed to create new content that allowed them to play with the format and explore the stories of the characters. Those four chapters are independent, but also continue with the introduced plot and add some new things that will be interesting in Season 3.

Lucifer got an order for 13 episodes of Season 2 last May. The producers may have planned this to run shorter, but Lucifer got an order for full Season 2 of 22 episodes.

The producers don’t seem to mind this twist with the schedules. Henderson said that he honestly thinks that they like the series, they just didn’t have the place and time to broadcast the additional episodes, so that’s why they have to wait until the fall.