Luke Cage season 2: News, Updates and Spoilers

Luke Cage season 2 is expected to arrive sometime at the beginning of 2018, and it is said that the project is already in the process of making. After a large success it achieved with Season 1, the actors have great motivation to prepare for its next chapter.

Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson are coming to the show as Mr. Cage and Claire Temple with the arrival of new episodes. We already have some images of the two behind the scenes. Be careful of spoilers that lie ahead.

Deep dismay for all the fans who would like to see Luke with Jessica Jones. It appears that Luke and Claire are going to continue their steps on the romance path after The Defenders.


Luke Cage season 2 release date

Mike Colter has given us some details on when the second season should come out.

“I’m about to start [filming] next month,” Colter shared with MCU Exchange. “When the Defenders comes out on August 18, that’ll be something we can hold onto for a little while and we can enjoy that. And hopefully, we’ll get to see Luke Cage out early next year.”

When it comes to the cast crew, we already have pretty much all of the information we need. Theo Rossi, who takes on a role of Shades, has already announced his return to the show:

“Luke Cage is going down, [we’re in] season two. We’re pretty excited, it’ll be nice to get back into the swing.”


This comes as no surprise taking his fortunes near the end of season 1. We can presume that Shades and Mariah Dillard will be on the wrong side of Luke one more time.

Simone Missick – who takes on a role of Misty Knight has also announced that he is coming back for Season 2. He posted a picture of him in the gym with the hashtag ‘MistySoFit.’