Lumia 535 is the First Official Launch with Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)’s Moniker

Lumia 535

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will launch a new handset the ‘Lumia 535’ today. It will be the first official launch under Microsoft branding. It will not have Nokia moniker but will display Microsoft text at the front and rear of the new device. All the future devices will be launched with Microsoft branding. The old Lumia devices with the Nokia logo will remain as Nokia handsets.

Low-cost Smartphone

Microsoft’s Lumia 535 is a low-cost Smartphone. Microsoft has decided to launch low-end devices to increase Lumia shares. Even Nokia has adopted for the same strategy to increase its market share in the industry. The specifications of the Windows phone are not superior but still matches with the specifications offered by other budget Lumia handsets.

The specifications

Microsoft’s Lumia 535 sports a 5-inch qHD display and operates on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The viewing angles complement the new device well. The Lumia 535 has got 1 GB of RAM compared to 512MB given in the low-end Smartphones. The customers who are fond of games will admire the extended RAM. The other features include automatic display brightness and a 5MP forward-facing camera. The new handset has tried to cover out all the drawbacks seen in Lumia 630 I.

“5x5x5” proposition

Microsoft has associated the Lumia 535 device with “5x5x5” proposition. There are five integrated services of Microsoft in the new handset. They are OneNote, Cortana, OneDrive, Office and Skype. Microsoft should try and include all the five apps in its devices. The apps work better on Android and iOS platforms compared to Windows Smartphones.

Windows Phone

By adding the five apps, Microsoft has launched a complete Windows Phone. It is associating with low-cost hardware makers to launch low-end devices. However, it should also try and launch a high-end device to compete with Nexus 6, iPhone 6 and other high-end android Smartphones. Microsoft’s Lumia 535 will be available in dual-SIM and single-SIM models and will cost around $130. It is being launched in Asian markets and soon can be launched in the Middle East and Russian markets in the coming months.