Mafia 4 – Absolutely Everything You Need To Know

Mafia 3 was released on October 7, and it has been an enormous hit, with sales going through the roof. The fans have already started talking about Mafia 4 and what this game is going to look like, although it is still way too early to discuss something like that. Nevertheless, we have done some analyses so let’s take a look at what we can expect.

System Requirements

This is hard to predict considering that the Mafia 3 installment has just been released and we don’t have the idea when the next part of the game will go on sale. Technology will improve by that time, but the current Mafia 3 is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One with 8GB RAM and 50 GB free space on your HD. Moreover, the current game requires i7 processor and Windows 7 or higher OS, so we expect that Mafia 4 will require slightly more powerful configurations.


Mafia 3 follows Lincoln Clay who is a Vietnam War veteran in the city called New Bordeaux whereas the game is set in 1968. Mafia 4 will probably have a new more modern storyline placed in a different city. We believe that it may follow non-Italian characters/clans, so there will be no Lincoln Clay, Vito Scaletta and Marcano family in the fourth installment. It is hard to tell who the new protagonist will be. Personally, the main character from the Triads might be a good choice.

Mafia 4 Gameplay

There is no doubt that Mafia 4 will be the third person shooter game. However, we expect some upgrades such as the larger map and a new city, so that the player can explore the world as much as possible. Mini and secondary missions will be offered to the players, and by completing them, you can earn more bonuses.

Some of the aspects of the game such as fighting mode will be upgraded, so when you fight with your enemies, you will be able to take cover. Hopefully, the gamers will get the choose what to answer during the dialogues and thus create their own path. Moreover, new cars, clothes, and weapons will be included.

Mafia 4 Release Date

It is too early to tell when the Mafia 4 will see the light of the day. Considering that Mafia 3 has just appeared we guess that the next installment will go on sale in 2024. Meanwhile, enjoy playing Mafia 3.